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Your feet take you to amazing places.

Updated: Aug 21, 2023

Do you ever stop to think how many steps you take in a lifetime?

The average person (moderately active) takes approximately 7,500 steps/day. That's 216,262,500 steps that you will have walked through to the age of 80...and many of us still keep going.

Avid hikers know the value of taking care of the feet that take them to amazing places.

Pedicures are not just for the flip flop, sandal-wearing, open toe'rs.

By taking care of their feet, hikers can ensure an enjoyable and successful hiking experience.

Foot care is crucial for hikers as it can greatly affect their comfort and mobility on the trail.

To prevent blisters, it is important to wear properly fitting shoes and socks made of moisture-wicking materials.

If a blister does develop, it should be treated immediately by cleaning the area and applying a blister pad or moleskin.

It is also important to trim toenails regularly and to take breaks to air out and dry feet throughout the hike.

Finally, applying foot powder or cream can help to prevent chafing and discomfort.

And don't forget at least 2 litres of water and your sunscreen so that you are protected inside, outside, and from tip to toe as you explore the over 220 acres of hiking trails being mapped out at Raptor Ridge RV Resort.

"220 acres!" you exclaim. "Tell me more!"

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