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We're going "GAGA!" Over Gaga Ball!

Everyone is going "Gaga!" lately about this new game called Gaga Ball!

We are so excited to have completed the Gaga Ball pit at Raptor Ridge!

What's Gaga Ball you may ask?

According to Wikipedia, "The origins of Gaga have remained largely a mystery since its first appearance in the mid-20th century, though the predominant theory is that it was invented in Israel and exported to other countries around the world, usually as a game played by children at summer camps.

"A Fun Fact about GaGa is that it actually translates from Hebrew as "touch-touch" and is a variation on dodgeball. To some, it is known as Israeli Dodgeball, Octo-Ball, or Panda Ball. It is commonly believed that the game was brought to the US Jewish summer camps by Israeli camp counselors. Gaga Ball is a fun, easy game to learn and play." Girls Scouts of Canada. You can download their Game Rules here: Gaga Game Rules

But here are the basics to get you started:

  • Gaga ball is a game that is played in an octagonal pit.

  • The objective of the game is to be the last person standing.

  • The game begins when one player or a referee throws the gaga ball into the air; while the players' backs or hands are set against the wall.

  • They shout "Ga" on each of the first three bounces.

  • After three bounces, the ball is in play, and the players may leave the wall and hit the ball at each other in the pit.

  • Players hit a ball with their hands and try to hit their opponents below the knee.

  • If a player is hit, they are out.

  • The ball must bounce at least twice before a player can hit it again.

  • Players cannot catch the ball or hold it for more than one second.

  • If the ball goes out of bounds, the last person to touch it is out.

  • Players must keep their hands below their waist at all times.

  • These are the basic rules of Gaga ball, but there may be variations depending on the specific game being played.

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